Colombia: Host fainted during live broadcast

The shocking scene of the collapse on air of presenter Elianis Garrido was recorded by the cameras of the show Lo Sé Todo (I know everything) on ​​the state Channel 1 of Colombia.

In the video the 35-year-old woman is seen clutching her face while her co-host talks to the camera, before suddenly falling from her chair to the floor.

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Several of her off-camera colleagues rushed to her aid, while co-host Ariel Osorio called for the program to be stopped. After the incident, which occurred on March 16, the 35-year-old woman was rushed to a medical center.

Osorio informed the audience that Elianis Garrido was experiencing breathing problems and specifically addressed her mother, who was constantly watching the show, reassuring her. “Elianis is fine, don’t worry, she’ll call you soon.”

As it became known after the incident, Garrido was sick with the flu and, although one of her symptoms was a severe cough, she was trying to suppress it during the show. This action caused him to feel sick and pass out.

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