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Colombia 'prays' for resources to respond to emergency due to exodus of Venezuelans

Chancellor Carlos Holmes Trujillo García He called on the international community to allocate resources that will make it possible to humanitarian emergency product of the migration of Venezuelans to Colombia.

He expressed that he needs the national and regional union with the support of private entrepreneurs to overcome the crisis that is registered in Colombia through a solid financial structure

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"I make a respectful, affectionate call, full of consideration to the donor countries, to the different agencies, to the international community, to the private entrepreneurs, to contribute to the construction of this regional model of attention to the migratory crisis from Venezuela. ", Maintained Trujillo García.

However, the foreign minister revealed that next week, the National Government will discuss the document Conpes, which defines the policy of attention for the citizens of the neighboring country.

"We have prepared the document Conpes, which we will review in the council of ministers at the Casa de Nariño, next week, with the resources to address the social emergency with issues to be focused on health, education and others," stressed the foreign minister.

Also according to data from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Migración Colombia revealed that of the more than 2 million 300 thousand Venezuelans who have left that country in recent years, Nearly 50% are located in Colombia, that is, more than 1 million 32 thousand citizens.

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In accordance with Christian Krüger Sarmiento, Director of Migration Colombia, between January and September of 2018 more than one million 52 Venezuelans entered Colombia, while a little over 676 thousand went to other countries, mainly Ecuador, Peru, Chile, the United States and Mexico.

"The situation of the migrant Venezuelan population is something that goes far beyond a simple figure. It is a reality that forces us to unite not only as a society, but as countries, in order to meet the high flow of travelers arriving to our nations. And this is exactly what the National Government has been working on, to look for alternatives at a national and international level, which will not only serve this migrant population, but also make them an active part of our society, "said Krüger before the Congress of the Republic. .

In addition, the official rejected any act of discrimination and invited to reach out to this population that needs it, but not before making a called to respect Colombian laws.



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