Colombian housing platform receives millionaire foreign investment – Companies – Economy

Nine months after its launch, the Colombian startup received a new investment for 10 million dollars by foreign investment funds led by Inspired Capital, a New York venture capital fund.

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Likewise, among the funds that bet on the Colombian company are 8VC, a San Francisco venture capital firm; Clocktower; Homebrew, classic seed capital fund; Zigg, fund specialized in Proptech; and Vine.

Since it was released in November 2019, has succeeded in attracting several of the most recognized startup investment firms in the world, with the purpose of transforming the way in which Latin Americans buy and sell housing.

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“Habi brings an innovative and assertive technical solution to the complex and opaque home buying process in Latin America. We are very impressed, not only by Brynne and Sebastian, but also by the compelling signals that they are providing the best real estate experience that can be found in the market. They are transforming the lives of middle class families while redefining the status quo of the Latin American real estate market, “said Alexa von Tobel, partner at Inspired Capital and a member of the Habi board.

Since the platform began operations, it has been working to centralize all the information and build the most complete data asset in the country, establishing database partnerships with the main real estate, financial and government institutions in Colombia.

“At Habi, we have created a proprietary database, a pricing algorithm, and a platform designed to empower sellers, buyers, and owners of middle-class homes, in the most important financial decision of their lives,” they say. Sebastián Noguera and Brynne McNulty Rojas creators of

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