Colombian Singer Shares Surprising Anecdote on Morning Show, while Gerard Piqué Talks about New Relationship with Clara Chía

The renowned Colombian singer Shaira Peláez was at the facilities of the RCN channel, sharing with the presenters of Good morning Columbia. In the middle of the program, the artist told an anecdote that left both viewers and the drivers of the morning space pensive.

One day, according to the young woman, the son of a singer invited her to dinner at a famous Asian food restaurant in Bogotá, known as Osaka. Well, at the end of the meal, Peláez did not imagine that she would have to assume more than 90% of her bill.

Shaira is a 20-year-old Colombian singer. | Photo: Photo: Instagram @shaira_oficial

Although she did not want to reveal the name of the character, the singer was surprised because, after she was invited, she had to take over the account.

“He told me: ‘I have this’ and he took out only 50,000 pesos,” Shaira recounted. During the interview, the presenters tried to find out details about the protagonist of said story, but Peláez kept it in reserve.

They even mentioned the name of Andy Rivera, with whom a few months ago they rumored a closeness, but she clarified that it is not about him and that they have a good relationship of friendship.

Piqué and Clara Chia

On the other hand, the former soccer player Gerard Piqué has been in charge of making public the new stage of his life with Clara Chía and even more, after Shakira moved permanently to Miami with her children Sasha and Milan.

Piqué, who hinted that if he did a collaboration with Bizarrap it would be something “powerful”, he feels free to live his courtship. Proof of this is that this week he was caught on camera walking with his new partner.

Faced with the different criticisms of his new relationship, Piqué has tried to respond in different ways, the ex-soccer player has clashed with some paparazzi and has responded to his haters on social networks, pointing out that most of his detractors are from Latin America. However, the athlete has never shown any signs of regret.

Piqué y Clara Chía el país
Suspicions that something was wrong in Shakira and Piqué’s relationship began in June 2022, | Photo: Reference photo

Suspicions that something was wrong in Shakira and Piqué’s relationship began in June 2022, when the Spanish press revealed that the former Barcelona soccer player was dating a 23-year-old woman, with whom he would have been unfaithful to the Colombian.

Days later it was learned that the separation was a fact, which was confirmed on June 4 of last year, when, by the EFE news agency, the singer and the soccer player announced: “We are sorry to confirm that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask for respect for privacy. Thanks for your understanding”.

Soon after, Piqué began to openly show his new relationship with Clara Chía Martí, confirming that it had started when he was still with Shakira, and it was even said that she hired investigators to find out if her partner for more than 12 years was being unfaithful, after realizing that the former defense’s attitudes were changing.

The couple reportedly attended a Coldplay concert last Sunday.
The couple of Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué would have attended a Coldplay concert last Sunday. | Photo: Taken from Instagram @3gerardpique / Twitter @ClaGerFans – Montage: WEEK

While Piqué announced his retirement from professional football, Shakira sublimated his lack of love by composing at least one trilogy of songs, including ‘Te felicito’, ‘Monotónía’ and ‘Sesión 53’, this song being the strongest and most successful. Finally, the Barranquilla woman left Barcelona at the beginning of April 2023 and moved with her children and parents to Miami, where she was received as a world star.

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