Colomiers: a relative dipped into the savings of a sick woman

the essential
A man took advantage of the weakness of a psychologically weak woman to help himself to her bank accounts. The victim’s father gave the alert.

A woman who suffers from serious psychological difficulties has been charmed by the smile of a new friend in recent months in a specialized center in Colomiers. A friendship that hid this man’s interest in the income of this 55-year-old victim.

In a few months, this 23-year-old man has indeed used, regularly, and generously in the woman’s accounts, embezzling several thousand euros. The father of the victim, knowing the difficulties of his daughter, watched her daily life from a distance and he quickly understood that she was the victim of a malicious person.

After obtaining his placement under curatorship, this man filed a complaint. The police officers of the general investigations unit of the Left Bank urban security confirmed the suspicions. The new “friend” of the young woman was placed in police custody at the beginning of the week, in Tournefeuille. Faced with the police, even if he tended to minimize the embezzlement, he admitted “borrowing” since January.

According to the investigations of the police, these embezzlements would weigh 35,000 €!

“The borrower” will soon explain himself before the Toulouse Criminal Court as part of a plea-guilty procedure. With a first obligation: that of reimbursing the victim.