Colomiers. A week for the rights of the child

November 20 is International Children’s Rights Day. Created in 1954, it marks the adoption of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959 and of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child 30 years later.

This day is an opportunity to promote respect for the rights of the child and to sensitize populations to these rights.

In Colomiers, this event lasts a whole week, from November 22 to 26.

Schools, Alae (leisure facilities associated with the school), nurseries, citizens’ houses of the municipality, in partnership with Unicef ​​(United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children) offer many activities and meeting time to make young Columérins aware of their rights.

“The values ​​carried by the city are developed throughout the year, but crystallize this week.”, Indicates Catherine Clouscard-Martinato, deputy mayor, delegate for education, parenthood and reception of educational recreation.

Collecting toys, books, clothes, raising parents’ awareness of their children’s needs, making a rights tree, films, games, frescoes, exhibitions, workshops, etc. are some of the activities on offer. The theme “A day without toys” will be addressed in nurseries with the wearing of asexual outfits.

The “Children from here and elsewhere” collective organizes, at the Gascogne room, days of activities for school audiences. 1,100 pupils will be able to learn, question and discuss the rights of the child, and discover associations which act for the respect of their most fundamental rights.

with Unicef

“The highlight of this week will be the renewal, this Wednesday, November 24, of the partnership between the city of Colomiers and Unicef.”, Concludes Catherine Clouscard-Martinato. “The choice of the date during this week is symbolic.”

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The signing of the convention will take place at the citizen’s house of La Naspe, in the presence of Karine Traval-Michelet, mayor of Colomiers, Catherine Clouscard-Martinato and Odile Laurent, president of Unicef ​​31.

Throughout the week, the Town Hall is lit in blue, the color of Unicef.

The right to education on the big screen

Two events, open to all, were organized on the occasion of this children’s rights week. After the dinner-show orchestrated by the Secours Populaire which raised funds, Thursday, November 25, the cinema le grand central will screen the film “Gogo 94 years”. The subject, by integrating the school of his village and becomes the oldest schoolgirl in the world. Encouraged, the dean of the schoolgirls sets herself a challenge: to pass her exam at the end of primary school and to prove that there is no age to learn! The opportunity to educate children and adults.