Colomiers. Cine-meeting for “Feeding change”

Grand Central returns to the popular “Ciné-Regard” sessions at the Central, with, Thursday, November 25 at 8:40 pm, a meeting around Camille Mottochio’s documentary film “Feeding change”.

Presented by CCFD – Terre solidaire (Catholic Committee Against Hunger and for Development) as part of the Alimenterre Documentary Film Festival, this film will be followed by a meeting / debate with Juliette Hernandez, co-director and co-producer of the film.

Behind the simple act of “eating” hide complex organizations, subject to an economic model that is unequal and destructive of the environment. Acting on food, putting it at the service of change, is a fundamental lever for facing today’s major challenges. Filmed on four continents, “Nourishing the Change” gives a glimpse of the contours of a cheerful food future.

Single price: € 6 (- 14 years old, € 4.50)… accompanied by a welcome drink offered to participants.

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