Colomiers. Grand Central: “Gogo”, two “Special Unicef” screenings

As part of UNICEF’s International Children’s Rights Week, Grand Central is offering two screenings around the documentary film “Gogo”, by Pascal Plisson: they will be held on Wednesday 24 at 2:30 p.m. (Single price: € 6, and € 4.50 for children under 14), and Thursday 25 at 8:30 pm (Single price: € 1.50, ticket purchase at the cinema reception. This screening is organized in partnership with the Town Hall of Colomiers and the ‘UNICEF).

At 94 years old, Gogo, mother of three children, midwife for 75 years, sets herself a challenge: to pass her end of primary exam and to prove that there is no age to learn!

“Gogo did not go to school by chance. Five years ago, she realized that her own great-granddaughters were not in school, because in Kenya they are rather busy. to educate the boys, and that outraged her.