Colomiers is still alive

After two consecutive losses at Moulins-Yzeure (3-1) and at home against Béziers (1-3), the Columérins have no choice but to get a result on the lawn of Argenté. Red lantern of the championship, Stade Montois intends to play the role of referee at the end of the season.

The Columérins have fulfilled their objective. Dominating in the first half, the visitors worried the stadium defense on crosses from the ubiquitous Matthieu Castaing. The visitors push but without finding the fault, until Kévin Cardinali (21st) releases his people after a personal exploit in a closed angle, allowing the Haut-Garonne to lead logically. Toulouse commuters are looking to take a break to take shelter for good. But the lack of finishing deprives them of a comfortable lead like Moussa Faty (24th, 31st) in depth, stumbling several times over the excellent Mons goalkeeper Hadj Hamou.

A sudden feverishness

As soon as the resumption, Kévin Léoni and his teammates go back on the attack, but once again the lack of realism prevents them from scoring this famous second goal like Kévin Cardinali (46th). Not achieving the highlights, Colomiers saw the Stadistes gradually return to the game by creating multiple chances and shaking the columérine defense. A change in face that Patrice Maurel regretted: “We had the opportunity to kill the match by having a very good first half. Unfortunately, we missed too many chances, which meant that we had a difficult last quarter of an hour.”

The danger is becoming clearer, more and more in the surface of Rémi Goryl, like this volley from the returning Daniel Nana Gassa (69th). A completely different game then begins. Patrice Maurel’s men retreat and suffer the disorderly assaults of the Montois. The premises, too approximate in the last gesture, allow the Columérins to keep the win of the match.

MT: 0-1. Arbitrator: Mr. Retail assisted by MM. Valdivia and Martinez.

For Colomiers: Cardinals (21).

MONT-DE-MARSAN: Hadj Hamou – Camara, Dream, Eimyn Diane, Tarbes, Darras, Djidonou, Alouges (Chaibi 45), Tauzia (Nana Gassa, 45), Ben Aicha, Malik Diane (68).

Warnings: Tarbes (70), Darras (82).

COLOMBIER: Goryl – Legrand, Zelmat, Vena Diambu, Bangre, Cardinali (Ambongo, 74), Castaing, Leoni, Faty (Perez, 87), Ventrice, Njoh.

Warnings: Vena Diambu (61) Ventrice (86).