Colomiers. It’s time to start sculpting

Since 2010, members of the Columérine sculpture association (ACS) meet in their premises in Poitou, “where they sculpt on earth, hard stone, limestone, talc and wood!” they specify.

A graduate of Fine Arts, Alain Eltzner, drawing teacher and himself a stone and wood sculptor, gives his lessons in a warm and relaxed atmosphere: “He is very cool and puts everyone at ease!” comments the group in unison, also underlining the exchanges between the members and the transmission of the know-how and the experience of each one to the newcomers.

Their teacher confirms this: “I don’t feel like I’m meeting students but rather friends. It’s a good relaxation for me, but be careful, very studious all the same, because the results are there!”

Members also take advantage of this creative and “helping” or even inspiring atmosphere to explore other techniques: tools !”

Claudie, “the youngest”, is delighted: “In a few weeks, my first cut stone project took shape thanks to the enlightened encouragement of Alain and the elders of the workshop.”

All of them very warmly invite new companions to join them, “without prejudice or preconceived ideas: try it and it may surprise you!”

Classes resumed on May 9: the doors are open to all profiles, amateurs and curious. A motivated team will welcome them with pleasure and in a good mood.