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Colomiers: movies under the stars at La Naspe

by archyw

Tuesday, July 20, the film “A beautiful team” will be screened for free, in public and in the open air, at the André Roux Stadium (Allée de la Colombe, La Naspe district in Colomiers).

Mohamed Hamidi wrote and then directed this comedy with Alain-Michel Blanc. Kad Merad, Alban Ivanov, Céline Sallette, are the main protagonists.

A great team, led by a healthy Kad Merad and a gallery of colorful characters, takes part in a “nice” war of the sexes. “This joyful comedy tramples on the clichés on women’s sport and gently tackles the machismo that hangs out in the locker rooms”, underlines the critic who appreciates in the foreground a scenario “which does honor to women, to football, to the north of France and to the to laugh.”

After a fight, the entire Clourrières football team is suspended until the end of the season. In order to save this small club from the North which is in danger of disappearing, the coach decides to form a team made up exclusively of women to finish the championship. This situation will completely disrupt the daily life of families and change the well-established codes of the small community.

Five other “Ciné sous les étoiles” screenings will still be offered until August 24, in different districts of the city.

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