Colomiers. ORT trains for optical professions

As part of a day on the theme of health, Karine Traval-Michelet, mayor of Colomiers, went to ORT to meet eyewear students. The ORT offers a BTS in optician and eyewear and opened, since this year, a professional license in the fields of optics and vision (MOV).

The 41 students enrolled in BTS are trained in advice and the sale of optical products, glasses and contact lenses, and in carrying out technical operations such as small repairs, lens assemblies, adjustments, centering of eyes and sight control. At the end of the training, the professional prospects are either to join an optical brand or to open your own shop. The rate of integration into the working world is 95% at 6 months.

Since the start of the school year, the ORT has offered these students the opportunity to continue their course in license in order to consolidate and deepen their knowledge. Candidates are more particularly prepared for the responsibilities inherent in the management of a store. This training is offered on a work-study basis. The director of the establishment, Alexandre Tibi, led Karine Traval-Michelet to the repair assembly workshop to meet the first year students of BTS and their teacher. The latter presented the educational content and the tests. “The subjects with the highest coefficient are the analysis of vision and the study of the eye, and also management, law (especially labor), communication and marketing” she said. The tour continued in the app store where the students practice the sales test. In another workshop, the mayor congratulated the second year students for their commitment to charitable action in partnership with Secours Populaire and a chain of opticians. Indeed, during a dedicated day, they will equip ten needy people with glasses in order to provide them with better vision.