Colomiers reverses the match and the TFC in the second half


The contrast was striking after an attractive first act in Toulouse, punctuated by numerous quality collective actions. Colomiers suffered, handicapped by the fact that his attackers did not make the necessary efforts. If the locals did what was necessary by scoring, the lack of realism in front of goal prevented them from widening the gap which could save them.

Total change of face after the break when the speeches of Maurel and Ventrice hit the mark. Finally, combined with a physical investment by all, Colomiers was able to reverse the situation with a lot of quality and took hold of the somewhat tender Toulouse who gradually lost their footing. The Toulouse reserve interrupted its good series. Colomiers restarts in time.


Forty-five minutes from Toulouse mastered with a very efficient and complementary left axis Lamliki-Touzghar-Zuliani which is wonderful.

In Colomiers, Aglar weighed by its presence and its realism. The entrants brought more through their races.


Jean-Christophe Debu (TFC B coach): “After a first act of quality, the second period is due to the determination of Colomiers. We had much less control of the ball, we let go a little with a more defensive spirit when we are not prepared to that. Colomiers put some pressure with quality and experience. We don’t have the necessary control yet. Everyone had their half-time simply Colomiers scored a goal more than us.”

Patrice Maurel (Colomiers coach): “I necessarily raised the tone because we were catastrophic, I could have taken out one I could have taken out ten! After the big cup course it’s always difficult. The first half is not “All the teams that played here played low block, we didn’t want to. But for that, the attackers have to run and I only had one.”