Colomiers: the pack has an appointment at the infirmary

the essential
The columérine infirmary is always full. After the victory at Narbonne, Delmas and Maurino are back there.

Colomiers Rugby’s medical staff has not had time to be bored for a few weeks. Indeed, a period of injuries, more or less long, strikes the columérine formation at this time.

The last outing in Narbonne ended with two new injured players: Grégoire Maurino and Victor Delmas. The first who played his first meeting of the season, away from the field for a year after knee surgery, was hit in the ribs (intercostal pain) and is forced to rest for two weeks. The second, he complained about his knee operated in December 2020. The right column pillar must undergo an MRI to know the exact nature of his pain.

For the rest, the forwards sector is still impacted by numerous absences (seven in addition to Delmas!). There are those of long duration which concern Romain Bézian (knee infection) and which is not expected before January; Jean Thomas (shoulder operation) which takes three or four months; Aldric Lescure (biceps rupture) between four and five months.

Other forwards on the flank: Hikawera Elliot (knee) whose return is expected in two weeks while Maxime Granouillet (ankle) could apply for the last meeting of the block in Mont-de-Marsan, on December 16. As for Beka Sheklashvili (thigh), his return is scheduled for next week while for Thomas Larrieu (wrist), nothing has been done yet.

On the good news, we note the return of winger Paul Pimienta recovered from his shoulder injury and who is applying for a place on the scoresheet, tomorrow against Vannes. An appointment for which the centes Fabrice Perrin and Johan Deysel, back from selection (Spain and Namibia), are candidates.

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