Colomiers. Waël Ponpon: “Ready to play our best rugby”

the essential
The 24-year-old third line is increasingly asserting itself as a leader of the columérine team. He looks back on his role and profile as a rugby player.

How was the end of the match in Narbonne, when you took the lead despite a mixed performance?

We went through weak times. Afterwards, we had this penalty kick 5 meters from their line and we all clicked. We thought it was time. We had worked on the balloons carried keys during the week. We announced it, we all regrouped and with the desire we left to seek victory.

We saw you cheering your teammates a lot throughout the game. Is this a role you enjoy taking on?

I’m like that, I want to push all the guys. I am lucky to have a good “cash register”. When the guys are a bit cooked, during the downturns, I try to motivate them. This is really important. When I had just entered the circuit, when I was dead, the elders motivated me and that galvanized. It helped me. As the coaches say, I am no longer a young person. I have to bring to the team. These are small details, but mentally we have to be all focused. Julien Sarraute speaks of “body language”. If you show the referee or opponents that you are dead, with your hands on your knees, it is in their favor. You always have to raise your head.

What is your view on RC Vannes, your next opponent, semi-finalist last year, but who are struggling to regain their level of play?

Like Agen, it is a very good team, with very good players, in the process of gaining strength. They send a lot of play when they are confident. Like us, it’s a team that likes the volume of play. So it will be a big game with a lot of intensity.

Could this be the click you’ve been waiting for in terms of the game?

In the last two games, there was not too much rhythm. And in these cases, we just can’t seem to get out of it. We know that Vannes likes to play ball like us. We will have no excuse. We are ready to play our best rugby. Of course, if we do a big performance with good content, it will revive us.

From a personal point of view, what is your assessment of this first third of the season?

I’m pretty happy, I think I’m gaining momentum. I was injured two and a half months in the foot in the hallux muscle, it was really restrictive. Little by little, we had to find the rhythm, the automatisms. I intend to move up further in ranges as I meet to have a good season. I know the season is long, I saw him last year. I had a good first half of the season. Then I was in the hard. There, I really intend to do the whole season hard.