Colomiers: with a company’s gas card, they steal 2,000 liters of diesel

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More than a year ago, a Colomiers service station was “relieved” of 2,000 liters of diesel. The police managed to identify two individuals involved in this hijacking.

When an approved convenience store, used to working with the Toulouse police, landed in the middle of August 2019 a little crestfallen, investigators from the departmental security of Haute-Garonne took his concerns seriously. This man whose company works on road accidents had just received his gasoline card statement. With a very bad surprise: 1,200 liters of fuel invoiced which never reached the tanks of its machines! In fact, 2,000 liters of diesel have been “stolen”.

Investigators from the public highway judicial group began to snoop around to trace the thread of this very significant diversion – € 2,800 to € 1.41 per liter price displayed in August 2019. The theft could only have been carried out with a gas card , and its confidential code, as it exists in many companies. One of them had just disappeared. The investigations then logically led the investigators to the Esso Express service station located near the expressways, in Colomiers. A station without personnel but with cameras.

A former employee “forgot” to return the card

On the night of July 31 to August 1, 2019, the recorded images first showed a passenger car and then, above all, a flatbed truck. A truck that carried dozens of large jerry cans that were patiently filled by an individual before disappearing with his precious load.

The police followed this trail which led them to a member of the travel community who, summoned and then placed in custody, did not really understand what he was accused of. Before finally remembering that, perhaps, he had had the famous card, and his confidential code, in his hands …

A former employee of the convenience store, left to rebuild his life in Perpigan, was in turn “invited” to come and explain himself to investigators on Tuesday. Police officers from the public highway justice group had spotted his telephone links with the first suspect. This man ended up admitting that he quit his job at the convenience store forgetting to return the famous card. Card that could, by chance or accident, have ended up in the hands of his friend who is a big consumer of gasoline …

Not really convinced by the explanations of two friends, the prosecution decided that they would explain themselves soon before the criminal court of Toulouse. An appointment for concealment and fraud fixed for the month of June.

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