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Colonel Allen West: Make me "sick" and negotiate with five Taliban ex-Guantanamo prisoners

Former congressman and retired Lt. Col. Allen West expressed his "disgust" on Wednesday with reports that five members of the Taliban negotiating team, meeting with an American envoy to end the American war in Afghanistan, are former prisoners from Guantanamo Bay that were released in 2014.

"I've just read a report this morning that part of the Taliban negotiating delegation is the five people fired by President Obama from Guantanamo Bay. And for me that just makes me sick in the stomach and it should make every single one who served and sacrificed in Afghanistan sick in the stomach, "West said in the" Brian Kilmeade Show "by Fox News Radio.

Former Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl left his base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was captured by the Taliban. In 2014, the Obama administration negotiated an exchange for his release.


It should make every single person who served and sacrificed in Afghanistan sick in the stomach

– Former Congressman and retired Colonel Allen West

"I do not want these victims to be wasted as part of the negotiation delegation with these five people, which is the wrong way for me," added West.

The five released members are part of a 14-member Taliban negotiating team that will meet with the United States envoy for a second round of talks to end America's longest and most expensive war.

Some of the Taliban members who were released in 2014 and are now part of the negotiations have a disturbing history that, according to the Military Times, includes the monitoring of massacres and relationships with nefarious individuals such as Usama Bin Laden.

Many are concerned about the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan and are calling for caution in the negotiations, including in the West.

Colonel Allen West (left) expressed his "disgust" with the recent reports that Wednesday five members of the Taliban negotiating team led by Mullah Abbas Stanikzai (right) held a meeting with an American envoy to end the American war in Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay detainees released in 2014

"I repeat once again the point that the Taliban is a radical Islamic jihadist organization. You think about the things they did, "said West.


Mullah Abbas Stanikzai leads the Taliban team that was announced Monday, including five former inmates of the Guantanamo Bay US Detention Center who were released in 2014 in exchange for a captured American soldier. The team also includes Anas Haqqani, the detained younger brother of the leader of the Haqqani Network, a powerful Taliban faction.

The spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid, said that Haqqani, being held in Kabul, "should be dismissed to begin working in the negotiating team."

The Taliban reject a meeting with the US-backed government in Kabul.


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