Colonel Priyanto Ikhlas Fired from the Indonesian Army for Damage to the Good Name of the Institution

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The legal adviser for the accused in the alleged premeditated murder case related to the accident in Nagreg, Colonel Inf Priyanto, Major CHK TB Harefa, said his client had accepted the high court prosecutor’s demands against him, namely dismissal from military service.

Harefa said that this was because Priyanto felt sorry that he had damaged the good name of the TNI, especially the Army.

“This means that to withdraw from the TNI service, we have also agreed. It means that we have been sincere from the defendant, that even the defendant has accepted the dismissal. Because of the remorse as stated earlier, yes. We have regrets towards the TNI, and especially the Army,” said Harefa after the trial at the Jakarta High Military Court II on Tuesday (10/5/2022).

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He explained that in essence the defendant’s memorandum of defense read out at the trial stating that he agreed with the high military prosecutor’s charge against Priyanto, namely hiding the body.

The legal advisory team, he said, did not agree with the charges of premeditated murder and kidnapping that were imposed on Priyanto.

“So we also agree with the prosecutor on the indictment of Article 181 which disposes of corpses. Meanwhile, we deny Article 340, or 338. Because the point is that when the collision occurred, both victims had died. This means that what was discarded was the corpse,” he said.

He hoped that the high military judges would be able to give the fairest verdict against Priyanto.

“This means that as fair as it is in accordance with the facts at trial, let it be according to our request, the article on disposing of bodies means that it is not in accordance with the demands of the prosecutor who was previously for life,” he said.

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During the trial, Priyanto admitted that he regretted his actions in throwing the victims Handi Saputra and Salsabila into the Serayu River, Central Java.

He admitted that he felt very guilty for this act.