Colors of the homeland | 5 keyboard shortcuts that make it easier for you to use will save your time

Keyboard shortcuts are one of the things that help save time, as they contribute greatly to helping users who rely on them to make the browsing process easier by making a “comment” or interacting with images through a single button press in a few minutes.

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Facebook provides some shortcuts that are available in some of the browsers, which you can benefit from and work on running them, as they are among the basic options on the browser, and the user can specify if he wants to run them or not, so we should learn about these shortcuts and how they work. And the “Arab Technical Portal” website also came.

These shortcuts contribute to a number of things, such as logging, commenting, and sharing a “post”, and most of them depend on one key, which is “P” to publish a new case, while you can use “L” to register or dislike a post. There are a number of other abbreviations, including:

C – Comment on the specified event.

? – Open this list of keyboard shortcuts while viewing the feed.

J and K – Scroll between feed stories.

S – Share the selected event.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts work in some browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer, which do not work unless they are located inside a text box, and there are some shortcuts that need to work in the presence of screen reader tools such as JAWS and VoiceOver that work to run such Shortcuts are set automatically, so if you are using JAWS or later, you must first allow saved keystrokes through Settings Center or Quick Settings.