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Prague Columnist and member of the Council of the Czech press office (CTK) – Petr Žantovský will be in the October elections to run for the Senate in the kolin region as an independent with the support of the movement SPD. He wrote it in server Way. To the council of the public agency was Žantovský elected for the ano movement in the year 2018. The first round of elections to a third of the Senate will take place 2. and 3. October.

“The SPD approached me to run as an independent. Priorities will be determined by myself depending on what I do for years,“ said Žantovský server. According to its program it wants to defend national interests, private property, family and freedom of speech, his election site is dominated by a password not to be Afraid and not to lie. If he succeeded and became a member of the upper parliamentary chamber, as a councillor, according to Mediáře finished. The law expressly prohibits only the overlapping functions of the alderman and members.

In the cologne circuit Žantovský compete for example with Paul Kárníkem for STAN, Cyril Kokym for the Pirates or the director of the school of nursing Ivanka Kohoutová featured in the dispute about the hijab, which stands for the Tricolor. Emilie Particle selected in this circuit for the CSSD, will be the mandate of the advocate.

Žantovský is a graduate of the faculty of journalism at Charles University in prague, in the 80’s. years worked in the newsroom of the music periodical Melody, after 1989, as head of the cultural section in the newspaper Work, or in the weekly Reporter. He was a member of the Council for radio and television broadcasting. Since 2012 he writes for the portal Parliamentary leaves. In 2017 he was president Miloš Zeman for merit in the field of culture and education.

The seven-member Council, CTK is the organ through which the public exercises a right of control of the public media. Within its scope belongs to, for example, appointment and dismissal of the general director and approval of the budget of the agency. CTK was established in 1918 as the state news agency. Since 1993 is a public institution financially and economically separate from the state.

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