come back and find the occupied house

She leaves the house due to health problems and moves to her daughter in another province: they occupy it for her. The story of the retired professor, ninety-year-old, victim of home thieves in Naples, seems to echo that of Enrico Di Lalla, the 86-year-old from the Don Bosco district in Rome who, after leaving his apartment to go to the hospital for checks, she found herself occupied on her return by a young Roma woman. With difficulty and after his case was in the center of media attention he managed to regain possession of it.

The old Neapolitan woman, whose story was told by Mattino, had gone to her relatives in Irpinia for assistance after the health problems she had had. His house is located in the center of the city, near Piazza Plebiscito, in via Egiziaca in Pizzofalcone, the very street evoked by Maurizio De Giovanni’s yellows. Whoever entered his house changed the lock and removed the furniture.

His case became public thanks to the courageous denunciation of a priest. From the altar, in fact, Don Michele Pezzella, parish priest of the Immaculate Church in Pizzofalcone thundered against those who occupied that house, explaining that “he is not a true Christian”. However, the priest also explained that he noticed a certain addiction to such a serious phenomenon, also because it would not be the first case of an illegal occupation in Pizzofalcone.

The precedents: it is not the first time

The incident occurred in the center of the city. But the phenomenon of illegal occupations of social housing stolen from legitimate owners is a widespread phenomenon, especially in the suburbs. Two striking cases occurred in the Monterusciello area, in Pozzuoli. A man occupied the house while he was having lunch at a restaurant with his daughter: in five months he has not yet managed to get it cleared. A woman with two children was entitled to take possession of the public housing.

At the beginning of the month, again in Pozzuoli, the state intervened by freeing an illegally occupied house. The attack on a Rai 1 troupe on live TV had also raised attention to the affair. The legitimate assignee had moved to his mother’s house in Marano, again due to health problems. Returning to Pozzuoli he found a pregnant woman who subsequently, after the eviction, apologized by explaining that her gesture was dictated by the state of need in which she found herself, highlighting a particular aspect of the problem of occupations.

According to a census made known by the regional councilor Francesco Emilio Borrelli, in Campania there are 8,000 public houses illegally occupied, about 3,000 of which only in the province of Naples. According to a 2020 dossier by the investee company Napoli Servizi, in the city there are 2,600 public houses illegally occupied on 24 thousand accommodations.

Last updated: Wednesday 24 November 2021, 14:31