“Come, put a trial and demonstrate”

The teleseries is far from over yet, but while the ANFP put all their efforts into making it Chilean team can say present in the Qatar World Cup 2022 by the bustle byron castle case and his nationality, now it was the soccer player’s lawyer who spoke out to defend him.

This is José Massú Espinel, who spoke with the Argentine media outlet Olé to refer to everything that his representative is experiencing today and also about the possibilities that Chile has to go to the next global FIFA event, which he announced that they are null.

“There is zero chance that Ecuador and the player will be sanctioned. The documents that Chile claims to have are not evidence, they are indications that have never been processed in a trial. If someone alleges that an act is false, he has to prove it in a criminal trial. And in Ecuador there has never been a trial against Byron Castillo, despite the fact that there have always been controversies about whether or not he is Ecuadorian, “he said at the outset.

Regarding the controversial identity documents of Castillo that have been circulating on the web, Massú explained that it is a matter of confusion.

And it is that one of the papers that they handle in the governing body of Chilean soccer would be an act corresponding to the deceased brother of Castillo, who received the same name and was born in Colombia. “It is a birth certificate of a namesake, which is not even spelled the same. It’s from a Bayron with A: Bayron Javier Castillo, when this is Byron David,” he pointed out.

Of course, after that the lawyer put aside the words of good breeding and the delicate explanations to take out the machine gun and shoot with a defiant tone. “All this that Chile is saying, has never been proven in any trial. What’s more, no one has ever filed a lawsuit against Byron Castillo, but it was he who filed two lawsuits because his rights were being violated, “he launched from the start.

“What Chile has are indications, they are not evidence, the evidence only exists in the trials. If they say that’s true, let them come, put a trial and prove itbut they will not be able to do it because Byron Castillo was actually born in Playas (Ecuador) and that birth certificate is of a homonym,” he said.

“The report of the Civil Registry was already dealt with in the habeas data trial and it was ordered that the birth certificate be corrected, because Byron Castillo is Ecuadorian by birth, not by naturalization or anything like that. That is how the constitutional judge, the highest authority of Ecuador, in the first and second instance. In addition, the Ministry of the Interior gave a passport to Byron Castillo and the Civil Registry already gave him his identity card and his correct birth certificate, “he added.

To close, he made it clear that he fully trusts that all this drama will come to nothing. “FIFA does not have any type of jurisdiction or competence to say that the responsible authorities of each country are below it. It cannot ignore the Ministry of the Interior, the Ecuadorian Civil Registry, much less the constitutional judges. This has already been judged and came out in favor of the player. Ecuador is going to present all this evidence and nothing at all is going to happen, there is nothing to do here. From my point of view, it is a drowning slap by the Chileans“, he concluded.

And the doubts generated by your documentation in the Ecuadorian team?

It should be remembered that the 23-year-old winger was involved in problems with Emelec and was not considered for the Ecuadorian team since his documentation generated many doubts, and only in September of last year was he able to be called by Gustavo Alfaro when they verified that his papers they were in order. And José Massú also has an answer for that.

“Initially, the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) sanctioned the player in 2019 with a precautionary measure for an alleged irregularity that the Civil Registry had detected in a record. It is not that the record was false or forged, but that was not replicated. The one that exists in Playas (General Villamil), was not replicated in the Quito file. Given this inconvenience, the FEF acted by removing the player’s field card, without a sanctioning procedure or a criminal trial, “he explained. .

After that, he indicates that “that is why we initiated a protection action and won the case, because it was recognized that Byron Castillo’s constitutional rights had been violated. The player’s card was returned and the FEF was ordered to repair the damage caused, He didn’t even appeal the sentence.”

“Then, in 2021, when Byron Castillo becomes a very relevant player for Ecuadorian soccer, the Civil Registry, based on that same report and without going to a Criminal Court or a Prosecutor’s Office, provisionally suspended his ID until solve the problem of the inconsistency of the record. That is the blessed report that Chileans say they have, the one that already went to a habeas data trial and Byron Castillo won in both instances before constitutional judges and unanimously“.

To conclude, Massú argues that “the Court recognized him as Ecuadorian by birth and ordered the Civil Registry to return his identity card, in addition to correcting any problem that he insisted on with his birth certificate. If you come to Ecuador and put three dollars in a little machine from the Civil Registry, you get the birth certificate of Byron Castillo Segura without any inconvenience”.

Thus, now we will have to continue waiting to see what the parties involved in all this say, where FIFA has already warned that it decided to take action regarding Chile’s complaint and all those involved were invited to submit their respective defenses.