Comedian Jim Carrey has posted a headstrong comment on a Donald Trump speech on Twitter. The video has been viewed millions of times and shared thousands of times. But many Trump supporters are upset.

Watch the video: Coughing fit in front of the TV screen: Jim Carrey hits Trump on the grain

comedian Jim Carrey With his idiosyncratic comment on a speech by Donald Trump, he makes everyone laugh. The 58-year-old publishes this video on Twitter with the addition “Obamagate? Yo`mamagate!”. US President Donald Trump has repeatedly spoken of an alleged “Obamagate” via Twitter. He makes the claim that Barack Obama allegedly allegedly Trumps He had invented cooperation with Russia to harm him, and Carrey is now obviously referring to the corona pandemic with his coughing spell.

“You are great! I’m glad you can still laugh and share your craziness with us. (…) “

“Does anyone remember what it’s like to laugh? Thank you, Jim Carrey! “

“I love it, Jim! The quality content that I missed! “

In the comments, however, many Trump supporters oppose Carrey.

“Bad role model, Jim! Even for you. People are people … “

“Crazy, as people say they are compassionate, and then they are the first to want disease or harm to other people they disagree with.”

“Jim Carrey, I remember when you were funny and important. That was long ago…”

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