Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen Traps Extremist Protesters During Rally in United States (Video)

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He had disguised himself as a country singer.

This Saturday, June 27, British humorist and actor Sacha Baron Cohen trapped pro-arms activists close to far-right circles during a rally called ‘March for our rights’ at Olympia near Seattle, in the United States. United. Disguised as a country singer, the follower of hidden cameras went up on stage, wearing a red beard and overalls. He sang racist songs, notably criticizing Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, an American immunologist, reports 7 on 7.

At the start nobody realizes the deception. But when they realize their mistake, the organizers of the event try to stop the concert. They were then blocked by the security team of Sacha Baron Cohen. The latter, feeling the anger of the demonstrators, finally disappeared, before disguising himself as a false journalist trying to find out what had happened!



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