comes the blockade of trucks against expensive gasoline

Expensive fuels worries citizens and not a little but one of the most affected categories, with dramatic chain consequences on the rest of the activities, is that of road hauliers. The threat of a truck blockade to protest against expensive gasoline becomes concrete and after the spontaneous protests that took place in recent days, the federations belonging to Unatras have announced a stop from next April 4th.

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“After a careful examination of the indications on the possible interventions presented in the meeting on Tuesday at the Ministry of Transport, deemed insufficient. While appreciating the hypotheses illustrated by the Deputy Minister Teresa Bellanova, Unatras reiterates that the road hauliers need concrete and certain measures. none of this is expected, “they announced. In this case, the stop respects the timing imposed by the Guarantor for strikes.

The truckers’ strike against expensive gasoline

“The time for announcements is over. Compliance with the rules – continues the body representing various federations of road hauliers – is essential and fundamental to overcome the difficult litigation phase underway, aggravated by the increase recorded in the price of diesel. The hypotheses. of solutions, although appreciable, have not yet materialized into norms, but remain mere manifestations of will “.

The Road Transport Union also deplored the “speculative acts” denounced by Minister Cingolani, for which an investigation was launched by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office. Incorrect behavior that contributes to keeping the price of fuels and additives high.

The road hauliers ask for “direct involvement of the Presidency of the Council in order to identify possible solutions that produce a ceiling on the price of energy products, as happened in other productive and energy-intensive sectors”. If new measures do not arrive in the next few weeks, the risk is that on April 4th the “total block” will become a reality.

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