Comic Con hopes to bring together more than 40,000 fans of the ‘geek’ universe this bridge

Once a year, fans of comics, anime and everything that encompasses the ‘geek’ culture gather at Comic Con to enjoy the news of a marketado that brings together from writers to merchants and artists.

Corferias in Bogotá will have its doors open to the event until Monday, June 27, which, according to its director Alejandro Caballero, could have a massive participation after three years on hiatus.

“This ‘Back to Comic Con’ version was well received from the presale. Currently, the highest box office that we have registered is 57,000 attendees, we hope this year to be between 40,000 or even reach this figure”, specifies Caballero.

Among the incentives of the event to attract Colombians is the participation of international figures such as actor Christopher Lloyd, known for his 1985 film ‘Back to the Future’; Anthony Daniels, C-3PO in Star Wars and dubbing expert Alfonso Obregón, who has done the voices of characters like Shrek, Kakashi in Naruto and Bugs Bunny.

“The guests, who are referents of pop culture, are coming to the country for the first time and we know that they will have a very pleasant experience at the event and with the attendees. The massive events of this culture are always very well consumed”, adds Caballero.

The convention will be divided into different spaces: the ‘Artist Alley’ in which local artists will present their literary, audiovisual and graphic proposals; ‘Stage’, which is made up of artist presentations and product launches; ‘Académica’, with talks and conferences for actors interested in this market and ‘Meet and greet’, in which fans will be able to interact with their favorite characters and the aforementioned international guests.

As for the commercial part, Comic Con will have more than 120 exhibitors, of which 20 will be major brands and chains such as Disney, Warner, HBO Max, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures, which will promote the trade of the entire fair.

“Brands have to learn to recognize that the ‘geek’ segment ranges from 15 to 35 years old and sometimes even reaches people between 40 and 45, and there is a lot of purchasing power with attention to collectibles , that implies that they include in their review how their products can focus on this type of market”, says Luigi Carlo Caterina, co-director and spokesperson for Star Fest Colombia.

For Caterina, in addition to the response of the brands, holding events such as Comic Con, Sofa or specialized events such as Star Fest make the market stronger and even attract the attention of international brands in which Colombia is seen as “a complementary market”.

Finally, and for those who are not afraid to ‘get into the role’, the event will be the perfect space for cosplay (dressing up as their favorite characters), which, according to the event organizers, would be one of the activities that has attracted the most attention of the public at a visual level in all versions.

The independent world also gains strength in the country
Thanks to the good reception of this form of entertainment, the country has responded with a local offer. This has been seen, for example, in events such as the Colombian Independent Comic Festival, which held its sixth version in May. In total there were 35 national and international exhibitors, who, with their proposals, caught the attention of writers, specialized publishers, dancers and audiovisual producers.


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