Coming out of Jochen Schropp: Thomas Hitzlsperger, Kevin Spacey & Co. have already come out


Jochen Schropp’s step towards the public, which allows him to be just himself, has already brought some stars before him. Ian McKellen “Lord of the Rings” star Ian McKellen (79) is passionately committed to the rights of gays and lesbians today. But he did not dare to stand by his own homosexuality for a long time. Only at the age of 49 did the performer of the wizard Gandalf openly reveal his sexual orientation. Before that, he always felt like a second-class person, McKellen told the British magazine “Details” in 2009. Kevin Spacey The scandalous outing had actor Kevin Spacey (58). For he made his homosexuality public only when several men accused him of sexual harassment in the course of the “MeToo” debate. A cowardly attempt to distract from his misdeeds, was also the homosexual actor Zachary Quinto (41): “He has not out of pride, to be gay, outed himself, but as a calculated manipulation to the serious allegations of sexual coercion to distract a minor. ” Zachary Quinto Speaking of Zachary Quinto: Mr. Spock from the Star Trek reboot went public in 2011 with his homosexuality. At the time, following the suicide of a bisexual teenage teenager who went through the media, he realized that he could only make a difference if he spoke publicly and openly about his sexuality. A year later, he worked for the Obama Pride: LGBT Americans For Obama campaign for the re-election of the then US president. Jodie Foster Remarkable in another way was the coming-out of Hollywood star Jodie Foster (55, “The Silence of the Lambs”). For years she lived side by side with film producer Cydney Bernard; In 2007 she made a first public declaration of love. This, however, probably fell into oblivion, because after Foster thanked again in 2013 at the Golden Globes in a speech to her long-term partner, celebrated some media as a public outing. The only notable thing was the nested words of the actress: “This is not a coming out speech, because I came out about 1,000 years ago, back in the Stone Age.” Ricky Martin The fact that Ricky Martin (46, “La Mordidita”) is gay has long been an open secret. But only in March 2010 he came out with the truth. “I’m a happy gay man, blessed to be who I am,” he announced on his own homepage. The reasons for his long silence sound similar to Barry Manilow: Many had warned him of the effects of a coming-out on his career. Since January 2018 he is married to Jwan Yosef. Barry Manilow Barry Manilow (74) was officially outlawed as a homosexual only at the age of 73. Even though he has had a relationship with his manager Garry Kief for almost 40 years, and even gave his partner the yes-word in April 2014. Klaus Wowereit Klaus Wowereit (64) was the first outgoing politician in Germany in 2001. His phrase “I’m gay – and that’s a good thing” at the party congress, where he was nominated as an SPD candidate for the post of mayor of Berlin, went down in history. He was also warned long before an official coming out. “This was a time when such a thing was considered a private matter and journalists did not write about it,” Wowereit recalled in the “Tagesspiegel”. Thomas Hitzlsperger In 2014 former German international Thomas Hitzlsperger made his homosexuality public. The 36-year-old was the first prominent footballer to take this bold step. “I speak out on my homosexuality, because I want to promote the discussion of homosexuality among professional athletes,” Hitzlsperger said in January 2014 in conversation with the “time”. Ian Thorpe A few months after Hitzlsperger swimming Olympic champion Ian Thorpe (35) received much praise and recognition for his public outing. In an interview with the Australian private television channel “Channel Ten” he answers to the question whether he is gay with a “yes”. Afterward, he thanked via Twitter: “To all who have sent me a support message: I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” For years he had previously resisted the rumors about his homosexuality. Clemens Schick The German actor Clemens Schick (46) came out in 2014 with 42 years as a gay. It was “a conscious decision” to do this now, he said at the time the gay magazine “men”. “For me, this is a political statement, I personally do not care about the label ‘gay’ nor do I need it for my own self-image,” he continued. Joel Gray The record of the late outings probably holds US actor Joel Gray (86). He confessed to his homosexuality in 2015 at the age of 82. At the time, he said to People, “I do not like drawers, but if you want one, I’m a gay man.” Gray was married to his colleague Jo Wilder 24 years ago. He has two children with her – one of them is “Dirty Dancing” star Jennifer Gray (58). Neil Patrick Harris and Jim Parsons Popular series stars Neil Patrick Harris (44, “How I Met Your Mother”) and Jim Parsons (45, “The Big Bang Theory”) are also homosexual. Harris confirmed his homosexuality to “People” in 2006, after the rumor mill had brewed some time. As Barney Stinson, he nevertheless became the number one worldwide womanizer on “How I met your Mother”. Privately, he loves chef David Burtka, whom he married in 2014. They have two children. Jim Parsons aka dr. Sheldon Cooper let the cat out of the bag in 2012. In an interview with The New York Times, he professed to love men. He has been dating Todd Spiewak since 2002. Since May 2017 also married. spot on news


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