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Cologne | Cologne actually left behind only the CDU, a sentence that should not actually be written, because the party has over 4,000 members in Cologne, it originated here and there is still the story of the old man – the first Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic Germany. How can the CDU ignore Cologne there? A comment by Andi Goral.

Annalena Baerbock was in Cologne, in trinkets on Wilhelmplatz – supported by Frank Schätzing. Robert Habeck was in Cologne on the hay market. Annalena Baerbock was on the climate strike three days ago on Friday. Olaf Scholz was on three dates in Cologne last week: Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld, Bickendorf Gartensiedlung and on Friday at the Cologne Heumarkt with the really big political show. Christian Lindner and the FDP were in Cologne on Saturday, accompanied by ministers from North Rhine-Westphalia or political veterans and icons like Gerhart Baum. The Cologne direct candidates of these parties also presented themselves at all of these events. The SPD drove up several prime ministers, ministers and the Paris mayor. There were also celebrities from the cultural scene. And the Cologne CDU? Last week this internet newspaper received a press release from the Cologne CDU: There were board elections at the Junge Union in the city center. Exciting. Is Cologne or wasn’t Cologne even an important media city in which the presence of a party also guaranteed media attention? Do you remember when the CDU really beat the drum or should it be better to write asking the little drumstick to follow?

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In 2017, the Cologne CDU was the strongest force in Cologne in the federal election. Today she is in third place, as in the local elections in 2020 and in the council she is a junior partner. Now there is this sentence that the CDU is not a big city party. You can submit to this dictum or show everyone how to do it differently. But what if the will is missing here, the desire to do something, to talk to people, to convince them and yes, in these media times, this also includes a little show and with it media presence. And don’t sneak away. Nothing of this was found in the election campaign at the CDU in Cologne. One is almost tempted to believe the most important message from the Cologne CDU in this election campaign was the attempted and unsuccessful arson attack on a container in Schildergasse with a few posters on it. Don’t get me wrong, this attack is sharply to be disapproved of, but surely that can’t be the defining headlines for a party with a claim to leadership? It is also not enough to answer questions about politics on podiums in schools or to post most of the largest posters.

Leaving it aside becomes invisibility. Invisibility ensures that one is not talked about, that one’s own topics do not become another topic, especially since it took a long time for the CDU to put together an election manifesto that never really became an issue and no one remembered the topics in it. Laschet’s “immediate program” didn’t change that either. And who was in this future team anyway? Why can’t the CDU also be a modern city party with a convincing agenda? Nobody at the CDU can really answer this question and for so long the dictum not to be a big city party is actually wrong.

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Cologne | In the coming legislative period, 11 Cologne residents will represent the largest city in North Rhine-Westphalia in the German Bundestag. What a Cologne number. The CDU came away empty-handed among the directly elected candidates and the Greens were historically able to win the first direct mandate in the south of Cologne. The Cologne results.


Cologne | More than five hours after the polls closed, the results in the four Cologne electoral districts stabilize, even if not all of the electoral districts have been counted. One thing is clear: the Cologne CDU will again have to accept a severe setback after its defeat in the 2020 local elections and will most likely lose its direct mandates.
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Editor’s note: At 0:45 a.m., 927 of the 945 Cologne voting districts were counted. In relation to the numbers presented in this article, the shifts are minimal and the large trend continues. It is to be expected that all results will be available this morning. Then the numbers are updated again.
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Cologne, Berlin | LIVETICKER ended | Germany elects a new German Bundestag. Berlin and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania elect a new state parliament. All facts and information about the federal election in Cologne and Germany.
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The left slips in ARD / Infratest extrapolation below the 5 percent
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#btw 2021: projection 10:24 p.m., ARD / Infratest
CDU: 24.1 percent
SPD: 25.9 percent
FDP: 11.5 percent
Greens: 14.7 percent
Left: 5.0 percent
AfD: 10.4 percent
— — —
#btw 2021: projection 10:52 p.m., ZDF / Research Group Elections
CDU: 24.5 percent
SPD: 26 percent
FDP: 11.7 percent
Greens: 13.9 percent
Left: 5.0 percent
AfD: 10.5 percent
— — —

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