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Comments on BVB against Bayern: "I should have gone out at half-time"

Mats Hummels talks about his cold. Lucien Favre sees "clearly better" Bayern for 25 minutes. And Niko Kovac praises the level of the game. Voices to 3: 2 of BVB against Bayern.

Niko Kovac (Bayern Munich coach Sky)

… to the game: "I think we saw a fantastic game from both teams, an open game, we had the game in the first half, second half was Dortmund, we managed to come back after the early 1-1 but we did then be countered twice, that must not happen. "

… on the question of the goals conceded: "Obviously BVB has very fast players who go down again and again, so if you do not play with them the ball will be played vertically and it will be difficult to defend, which should not happen to us Unfortunately, I lost the game, although I believe a draw would have been fair. "

… on the question of what defeat means for his position and his work: "In any case, we have a lot to do, many players are gone, but we can be satisfied with that performance, which was the best game since Schalke, playful, combative, tactical, which we need to build on and deliver more often in the future. "

… to the question, whether the championship is still possible: "Seven points are pretty much looking and feeling right now, but in football everything is possible and the season is still long and you can make up a lot of things, we want that and we have to make an effort."

The most difficult ball sunk Marco Reus

The captain spoils chances, but still hits twice. Axel Witsel opens in the second half and Paco Alcácer is too hesitant and then quite clever. The BVB in the individual review.

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Manuel Neuer (captain and goalkeeper Bayern Munich)

… to the game: "We are actually going into halftime with a good performance, but the problem was the mistakes that happened to us Dortmund has counterattacked in our own stadium against us We know that it is Dortmund's strength and unfortunately it has allowed it." They are playful Of course, we have a quick changeover game, we did not let the ball run well in our own ranks, then they play the ball behind the chain and come with my pace and then it gets hard. "

… to the penalty scene with Marco Reus: "From the feeling he plays the ball to the gang and I completely pull my hands away from the game it was so that I go, pull back, hands completely removed and he has no more chance to reach the ball he then makes the contact, then he can whistle too, but I pull my hands away and he kicks me in the stomach, so to speak. "

… on the question of what defeat means: "We can all read the table and know exactly where Dortmund is, where we stand, it was not a bad performance, but the cleverness was lacking to take something that was definitely possible today."

Mats Hummels (Bayern Munich)

… on the question of his health: It was hard to give up such a game with a bad cold, it was okay, but everything in my head took a little bit longer than it normally does, twice blatantly I'm going to lose the ball as the last man I'm annoyed I usually live on the fact that I quickly think that was twice the case today, really bad, after that I also said it's too risky for me to have such a thing yet and then I went out. "

… to the question of whether he should not have played: "It was such a 50-50 thing, the coach knew, of course," I should have gone out at half-time. If everything feels a bit foggy in your head, you can not play at this level. I then said that it makes no sense. "

… to the game: "We played a really good game for a long time, the 2-2 draw did not come out of nowhere, but we reopened a game we were good in, so we did not beat the counterattack so well and I'm in control of the game and I think that the tremendous speed and quality in the switching game made the difference. "

Lucien Favre (Borussia Dortmund coach)

… to the game: "It was a crazy game, Bayern were very strong, they dominated us in the beginning, we could not conquer the ball, if they did, we lost the ball right away, it was very difficult, but I had an intuition, that they can not keep up the tempo so much, and luckily they were only 1-0 at halftime. "

… about the performance of Marco Reus: He could have made it 2-2 early, but he kept going and scored the goal, so we felt we could win today, and we did that, too, morale, the mentality. "

… to fight for the championship: "We still have a lot of things to correct on the counterattack, on the flanks, there's a lot to improve, a lot."

Suspended woolly milksauce

Manuel Neuer is cool, then too slow. Robert Lewandowski has two suitable answers to the Dortmund whistles. Mats Hummels plays sick. The Bayern in the individual review.

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Michael Zorc (Sport Director Borussia Dortmund) …

… to the emotions during the game: "It was very intense, you could see that both benches were there, it was very emotional."

… to the game: "We have always played out opportunities and in the end also deserved to win because of the clearer possibilities."

… to the question of what the substitution of Mahmoud Dahoud has brought: "We were the first 25 minutes defeated, Bayern has nominated very strong, has played a brutal squeeze, we have lost the balls too fast and then have fallen behind logically with Dahoud we have become more offensive, we could better from the Pressing Then Bayern had to run after them, they do not like that, which was certainly the right decision from the coach. "

… to Paco Alcacer: "Paco is extremely dangerous for goals, he can not play 90 minutes because of the small injuries he always had, so we have to put that in. If he comes in like he does today and scores the goal, then everything is fine. "

… to the question of whether Dortmund is now favorite for the championship: "We have the 11th matchday, we are a very young troupe and that was an enormous step for us today, we have to keep growing and learning and go step by step."

Marco Reus (scorer and captain Borussia Dortmund)

… to the game: "I generally thought we did not come in very well in the first half, we did not think much, we did not find our way in. In the second half we started playing football and got confidence in our own actions It was a great fun to be in the field. "

… for his own achievement: "Most important of all, we are one team, everyone works for the other, I just feel good, play in my favorite position, I can help the team the most, there's a lot going on right now, but I had two or three good ones today Possibilities But we won against Bayern, we do not have much to complain about. "

… to the Joker gates: "It's amazing at the moment, the coach has a golden touch, but the players who come in, beat it all in. Paco hit again today and I hope we can take the run."

… to fight for the championship: "I'm not saying anything, seven points are seven points, we have a lot of confidence, it's always good to have a cushion, but Bayern are strong in the long run, so it's a good idea to focus on every game It's far too early to talk about becoming a champion. "

Marwin Hitz (Goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund)

… to the game: "The Bayern were very aggressive, but we knew that the Bayern 90 minutes can not hold the pace, as the last games have shown, so we have remained calm."

… to his use: "It was a very special game, but that's why I came here, I've been tense for a long time."

Dortmund wins a rock and roll game

After a real spectacle, BVB beat Bayern 3-2. Marco Reus raves, Niko Kovac quarrels and Lucien Favre's mid-term strategy goes all the way.

By Maik Rosner




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