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Comments on the material "Toyota" sharply raised prices for Camry, Prado and RAV4

13 Sep 2018at19:13

On Ardeo, no one has risen, who knows? Have not written for some reason.

13 Sep 2018at19:15

Stability. What else can you say …


13 Sep 2018at19:17

she ran after the loan.


13 Sep 2018at19:23

spit. The old Japanese is not expensive and angry.

13 Sep 2018at19:37

In general, on the drum.


13 Sep 2018at19:57

In general, from August 1 raised. Somehow the news is delayed.

Alex 54

13 Sep 2018at19:58


13 Sep 2018at20:12

No money? Let them walk on foot.

13 Sep 2018at20:12

These unreliable Japanese cars and so enjoyed very weak demand, and now they completely stop buying.

13 Sep 2018at20:12

2% of the price, below official inflation even, is it much? Although their problems, the reason for the Koreans to take a closer look.

Vitaliy Viktorovich

13 Sep 2018at20:13

Only today I received SMS from them about crazy discounts on the Prado until September 31

13 Sep 2018at20:29

not scary – the more expensive the buckets, the slower the plugs will grow.

13 Sep 2018at21:18

Let the fetuses become more expensive, they are not the same, only the trash is produced, the shame of the brand. Nissan and Honda are much better.


13 Sep 2018at21:25

right steering wheel foregoing !!!!!!!! only Japanese quality !!! on the left shit, move yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


13 Sep 2018at21:38

do not, wait for the patriot patriot updated with akpp


13 Sep 2018at21:54

The main thing is that normal cars do not go up, and these Japanese wood-cutters have long been worth inadequate money.


13 Sep 2018at21:55

Interestingly, local commentators will be able to whine about the stability of each news, or still there are exceptions? a shame…

Maxim Altai

13 Sep 2018at22:08

There is no control over prices from the state's stolny.Zahoteli vduli prices, not only that, and so every year they raise the price tag, also for a year or two times they throw …..


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