Commercial bank credit fell 7.1% in May: BdeM

Banco de México building, in file image.  Photo Roberto García Ortiz

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Banco de México building, in file image. Photo Roberto García Ortiz

Mexico City. Commercial bank credit stood at 7 trillion 643 billion pesos at the end of May, which meant a 7.1 percent drop compared to the balance of the same month last year, reported the Bank of Mexico (BdeM).

In its report on “Monetary aggregates and financial activity”, the central bank detailed that of the components of this indicator, the financing granted to the private sector, which constitutes 63 percent of the total, was 4 trillion 821 thousand million pesos, a annual decrease of 13 percent.

For its part, financing to the federal public sector, which represents 28 percent of the total financing granted by commercial banks, stood at 2 trillion 121 billion pesos, which implied a positive variation of 11.9 percent.

The balance of financing to states and municipalities, with a 4 percent share of the total granted by commercial banks, was 312 billion pesos, which translated into a decrease of 5.7 percent.

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Finally, the balance of financing to other sectors, which includes financing to IPAB and Fonadin, and which makes up 5 percent of the total, stood at 387 billion pesos, a negative rate of 15.9 percent.


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Regarding the financing granted by development banks, in May 2021 it presented a balance of one trillion 810 billion pesos and had a reduction of 6 percent at the annual rate.

Of this amount, 600 billion pesos corresponded to financing channeled to the private sector, with a participation of 33 percent of the total, which meant a decrease of 12.4 percent.

Financing to states and municipalities, which represents 14 percent of the total, reported a balance of 244 billion pesos, presenting an expansion of 7.1 percent.

Financing to the federal public sector, whose proportion is 41 percent of total government banking, stood at 743 billion pesos, which implied a decrease of 1.4 percent per year.