In the dating show The Villa no criminal offenses were committed, according to an integrity investigation and the conclusions of an expert committee.

The committee, led by criminal lawyer Richard Korver, came to this conclusion based on the (raw) images, available documents and interviews with those involved.

However, “unfortunate estimates” have been made, which could lead viewers to perceive that crimes have been committed.

The production process at the shooting location was also examined. It showed that there was a safe environment “with clear boundaries and appropriate support”.

Public outrage is very understandable

RTL content director Peter van der Vorst calls the research result “a relief”, but wants to learn from the conclusions.

“The images that sparked the public debate have slipped through the montage and our checks. That should never have happened and we are sorry. It is quite understandable that this has sparked public outrage.”

Blue Circle CEO Georgette Schlick also regrets. “Given the changed society in which we live, we should have looked more closely at the montage so that we could not have aroused the suggestion of criminal offenses. In a broad sense, we have learned a lot from this unpleasant situation and are taking the recommendations the reports therefore certainly to heart. “

Van der Vorst emphasizes that the privacy of the candidates must be guaranteed and therefore asks the media not to place fragments or photos of the candidates.

In addition, RTL is making a new protocol with stricter ethical standards. An independent party is called in for this.

Scene in which candidate was groped

The Villa, a dating show in which young men and women stay together in a villa and are then linked together, was discredited in November 2019. This was due to a scene in which a candidate was groped in bed by another candidate while under the influence of alcohol.

Afterwards told the harassed participant in the YouTube series #ANGRY from Tim Hofman that she felt compelled to do certain things during the recording.

RTL decided to remove the program from the tube after the fuss that had arisen.


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