Commission Report Impact of COVID-19 on Early Childhood Education |

What effects did the corona pandemic have on early childhood care, education and upbringing? The European Commission has published a report on this question. The report takes stock and makes recommendations on how early childhood care, education and upbringing can be better supported in difficult times.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth said: “Early childhood care, education and upbringing are the essential first step in the ladder of lifelong learning for all children. Experts and professionals from around the world, including in Europe, have raised awareness of the need to better integrate the area of ​​early childhood care during and after the pandemic into all local, national and European management and reconstruction decisions. “

The report shows that early childhood care, education and upbringing were often reduced to the function of childcare during the COVID-19 crisis, thereby neglecting education and inclusive aspects. These include, for example, early language acquisition, social skills and access to subsidized canteens. It also includes recommendations on how to finance the sector and how to recognize and train staff. It stresses the need to continue investing in the governance and quality of the sector and to improve training and working conditions for staff.

The report also shows great differences in the support offers for early childhood education in the various EU countries during the corona pandemic.

Source: European Commission from 05.10.2021

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