Commissioner Claims Ancol Profits from Formula E


Commissioner of PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Geisz Chalifah said his company would benefit from the Jakarta Formula E event. This is because the calculation of profits follows Ancol’s average income over the weekend.

“What is certain is that Ancol will benefit greatly,” said Geisz to reporters, Tuesday (24/5/2022).

“I don’t know exactly, what is certain is that it follows the average standard of Ancol crowd level in each area weekend,” he continued.

Geisz said the circulation of money during the Ancol weekend reached Rp 5 billion, with a range of 30-40 thousand visitors.

“That ancol if again weekend “Usually, yes, the turnover can be IDR 4-5 billion outside of big days (such as) Lebaran,” he said.

In addition, Ancol and PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) are implementing a cooperation scheme business to business (B to B) for the land use of the Formula E circuit, namely JakPro pays the Ancol land rent for 3 years for Formula E.

“Three years but periodically, not 3 years full. Every year how many months,” he explained.

He also emphasized that the Formula E circuit is Ancol’s asset, even though it was built using JakPro’s budget.

“The (circuit) belongs to Ancol. Ancol’s assets remain. (It was built) using JakPro’s budget, but that is Ancol’s land,” he said.

Even so, Geisz believes that the Formula E circuit can be used for various activities after Formula E. Dari event races to concerts.

“But Mr. Anies left 2 places. One JIS, one circuit. After the ball game there was a concert there (the circuit), it was just made up bridge,” he added.

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Previously, the Director of PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) Gunung Kartiko guaranteed that PT Taman Impian Jaya Ancol would not lose money because of the Formula E event. This is because the cooperation scheme between the two companies is business to business (B to B).

“Oh no, (Ancol) did not lose. Because this is B to B. There is no (loss), we both belong to the provincial government, we are purely B to B,” said Gunung in Ancol, North Jakarta, Thursday (19/5/ 2022).

Gunung also dismissed the notion that his party did not pay Ancol related to the free service of Ancol rides for Formula E spectators.

“Nothing is free. We are B to B, we pay to Ancol,” he said.

“So everyone who comes here we pay to Ancol,” he continued.

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