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Committed to Flying: Floyd's Montgomery Chases Big Goals in Pole Vault | Sports

FLOYDS KNOBS – Floyd The senior Pole Devon Montgomery is a young man with one goal – make multiple goals.

A school file. Defend the title of the Hoosier Hills Conference. He improved his section qualifications – and finally managed – to come through Regionals and fight for a place in the top eight at the state meeting.

Montgomery has the talent and now he has the focus and the drive to achieve all of his goals.

"This year I specialize completely in pole vaulting," said Montgomery. "In the past I've done 200cc races, I jumped a long time ago, but pole vaulting is what I do best and I want to be the best."

Montgomery has its last high school outdoor season ahead of it. He was mature enough to see two years ago that the transition from part-time to exclusivity would make the event a success.

"That was my mindset," said Montgomery.

"I have been in the pole vault since the first year and towards the end of 2017 I started to take it seriously," he said. "After my second season I jumped at 12-6. I would now like to aim for the (school) record. That's my goal since the second year. "

It is no coincidence that in the second year of last year, Montgomery set Kyle Zeinemann at the Regionals 2017 the current record of Floyd Central in the pole vault of 15 feet-2 inches.

That was a goal – a height – to reach Montgomery, who was just beginning to realize his potential at pole vaulting.

"The overriding goal is that I want the school balance," he said. "I definitely want to beat the record."

The reason why it seems possible now lies in the great efforts of Jeff Inferno earlier this month.

Montgomery had a 14-foot, 3-inch safe to win the event – the height was nine inches higher than his personal best.

"I had a really good day. Previously, my personal record was 13-6, I climbed nine inches that day. I'm already off to a good start, "said Montgomery.

And the big effort could not have come at a better time.

"It was a great confidence builder. I had not had any personal information for about a year, and I came to a point where I started to feel, "Why am I feeling better?"

More than just a few changes, including new equipment, has helped make his senior outdoor season a good one.

"I had a bit of a plateau. New Poles who have worked so much on technology, my technique has got so much better this year, "said Montgomery. "I'm much more confident than I am (in front of the inferno). I want to push it. "

Technology is an important part of a successful pole high – it goes hand in hand with speed, power and agility.

"I have worked a lot on my form, technology is the key, I have become much better with my technique. I've noticed that helps and that's what I'm focused on, "said Montgomery.

"The run must be fast, but that's like putting a sprinter into the pole vault, it will not work. You also need to have the technique to do it. "

And strong enough to pay off the speed.

"We do a lot of pull ups, bench presses and shoulder presses. If you hit, it's all about your arms, you have to press and keep pushing, then you have to focus it on your core, "said Montgomery.

And then there is the commit.

"You have to be 100 percent confident. If you slow down, it will not work, it will be bad. You have to commit 100 percent as soon as you start running, "said Montgomery.

Montgomery is fortunate to have coach Kyle Kelly by his side. Kelly is a pole vault specialist with years of experience.

"Coach Kelly is a really good coach, he knows a lot," said Montgomery. "I would not jump so well without him."

Kelly comes from a family of pole vaulters and was arched in high school. He began training when athletes at Floyd Central, including his son Logan, needed a trainer for the event. Since then, pole vaulters at the school have benefited from his experience.

Kelly has seen many high school pole vaulters and he is impressed with Montgomery.

"He is very motivated and consistent, he is a very good boy, encourages, he wants to succeed," said Kelly of Montgomery.

Working with Kelly has enabled Montgomery to reach the goals he set two years ago.

"I want to win another conference, I know that will be tough," said Montgomery, who agreed that he was more ambitious than just winning.

"I think the conference record is 14-8, I do not want to say that I'll get it, but that would be cool. To reach 14-9 through conference, I think I can do that now when I look at the 14-3. "

A pole vault of 14-9 at the end of the season would make Montgomery a good position for success after the season – and for the 15-3 he is aiming for.

"I would like to fight for the sections to win, I won the third place twice in the sections twice and I'm tired of finishing in third place," he said. "I would like to win Section and then Regionals. I can just make it through and in a state where I want to fight for the top eight. That's my whole goal. "

And then?

"I definitely want to make a vault in college," Montgomery said.

So much for the goals and hard work that they hopefully put into action. For Montgomery it may be a feeling to stand out at the pole vault.

"Blowing yourself up is pretty funny, the feeling of having the perfect jump is unbelievable. You are allowed to fly. "



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