Committee of the Socialist International calls for strengthening democracy in Latin America

The Committee of the Socialist International (IS) para Latin America and the Caribbean, highlighted the need to promote democratic stronghold and the strengthening of institutions in the region, including the electoral bodies and the courts, because “we cannot allow politics to be prosecuted, nor politicize justice,” reported the president of the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Moreno.

At a press conference in Cancun at the end of the two-day meeting of that organization, accompanied by the SI Secretary General at the world level, Luis Ayala, and the President for Latin America and the Caribbean, Miguel Vargas, the leader of the tricolor He thanked them for holding that meeting in Mexico, and announced that the representatives of the social democratic parties from 20 countries participated.

During the meeting, the topics were addressed: The challenge facing the Covid-19 and its consequences; Reaffirming and strengthening democracy in the region; Latin America and the Caribbean in the global battle against climate change and the adoption of the Cancun Declaration.

The president of the PRI said that “we have to take care that justice does not interfere in the decisions of each of our countries, nor that institutions are used to persecute politicians, the media and everyone. “Whoever thinks differently has to be respected,” he said.

Regarding Covid-19 in the region, he pointed out that strategies and approaches that have been made from governments to support issues related to health care were discussed. He explained that Covid-19 changed daily life and showed the fragility of governments to promote a clear and precise proposal to address an emergency of that size, politically, economically and socially.

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Alejandro Moreno explained that “our role is to strengthen the party system, to strengthen, in turn, the system of political participation of citizens.” Likewise, he added, they discussed climate change, promoting the 2030 agenda and defending the environment.

For his part, Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the SI, assured that this organization constitutes a “great movement for democracy”, which is fighting to strengthen and deepen it in various countries, such as Guatemala, which implies facing challenges for everyone on the Continent. .

He pointed out that these challenges are addressed with actions such as “reaffirming our democratic values, freedom and rights”, as well as the exchange of ideas and the discussion of the agenda that reflects the central concerns of the Socialist International, among which are COVID-19 and its political, social and economic consequences, and climate change.

In his opportunity, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, President of the SI Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, and leader of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), affirmed that the face-to-face meeting that this group held in Quintana Roo “was very successful and had great participation ”, With fundamental issues for the world and especially for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

“We extensively debate all issues, such as democracy, climate change and the pandemic; It was a very productive meeting, because it allows us to exchange experiences and support each other, for the proper functioning of our democracies and countries ”, he specified.

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