commune is in financial bankruptcy and owes about G. 18,000 million in loans

For a few days, officials of the Municipality of San Lorenzo have been demonstrating in front of the communal building, demanding the payment of their salaries that have been owed to them for three months. Today the workers closed the streets again and demand to speak to the councilors, but they indicate that the commune is in financial bankruptcy.

Councilman Nelson Peralta flatly denied that they are owed for three months and said that absolutely all officials, including councilors, are not collecting their salaries. “They are owed for the month of September and the month of October is coming, about to be two. We are in the same conditions, “said the mayor in contact with La Nación.

He indicated that the problem is the lack of collection and that the money that should have been destined for the payment of salaries of the civil servants would have been spent for the political campaign of the ex-mayor. Likewise, he denounced that the commune is overcrowded with contractors who were included in campaign time, where a large part of the resources were used.

“The only person responsible for this administrative debacle is called Alcibiades Quiñones. I had denounced him in June of this year, when we received the quarterly report and 63% of the hired resources had been used, when it should have been 33%, ”he said.

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He explained that the new administration until August paid more than 11,500 million guaranies in debts left by Quiñones. “There are no more funds. Only debts remained and I warned that the municipality was in technical bankruptcy, but now it is already in financial bankruptcy. The new mayor (Felipito Salomón) will receive the administration with a debt of at least 18,000 million guaraníes ”, he pointed out.

The mayor said that the commune needs more than 4,000 million guaraníes to be able to cover the payment of salaries for the month of September and that to date they have already requested all the plaza banks, but that they have not received a response. Taking into account that the commune already owes about 18,000 million in loans that were used to pay the 2020 Christmas bonus, hospital construction and the institution’s own debts.

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Peralta explained that of the current income that is had within the commune, 30% is destined to the Ministry of Finance and the Interior; and that the strongest collection is from property taxes. In addition, the commune has its own service expenses.

“The money was not foreseen for the payment of salaries for times of low collection, which are September, October and November, in addition, the bonus must be paid,” he said. He stressed that the commune in the first four months had a very good collection, but that this money had to be saved in order to pay the salaries of the second.

To all this, he denounced that this demonstration is being politicized by people from Alcibiades who are being investigated by the administration that is still in force. “These are Zulma Amarilla and Miguel Ibarrola, who were indicted by the new administration and then they are taking political revenge,” he concluded.

Officials intermittently sit down and close the streets. Photo: Courtesy.