Communication armageddon, the whole of Olsztyn is still standing. European Championship, road collisions and renovation of ul. Grunwaldzka

Currently, Olsztyn is completely paralyzed in terms of communication. In the area of ​​ul. Sielska and ul. Kapitańska is hosting the European Triathlon Championship, Grunwaldzka Street is being renovated and in the center, at ul. Dworcowa, in Gutków and in Zatorze there were road collisions.

Drivers driving around Olsztyn today (Friday, May 27) must have nerves of steel. The entire city, with a few exceptions, is paralyzed in terms of communication.

The European Triathlon Championships are held in the vicinity of CRS Ukiel. In connection with the event, ul. Kapitańska and ul. Sielska is partially blocked. On the southern line of ul. Sielska, there is two-way traffic. These difficulties will last for the next weekend.

There was a collision near Roosevelt Square involving two passenger vehicles. The passenger Volkswagen driver, turning left at the collision intersection, did not give way and led to a collision with a correctly moving car. Currently, cars are removed from the road.

There was also a collision in Gutkowo, near the “Pirat” restaurant, a passenger car fell into a ditch, there are also road difficulties.

At the intersection of ul. Jagiellońska and Sybiraków in Zatorze there was a truck fire which blocked the entire lane towards the Bema roundabout. Firefighters intervened in this matter, the truck is now being removed.

Around 12:30 at the roundabout at the intersection of ul. Dworcowa from ul. Towarowa there was a collision with a passenger Audi. There were traffic jams at the scene.

On the day of the start of the European Championship in Triathlon, the city decided … to renovate the surface on ul. Grunwaldzka. There are huge traffic jams both on the street and in the city center, in which drivers have to spend a lot of time.

On ul. Sybiraków, the manholes of the sewage wells are being repaired. The repair work will last until Saturday. There are local traffic difficulties there.

Karol Grosz