Communication specialists do not believe what is happening there with Biden and Begoña Gómez

Joe Biden’s scene with Begoña Gómez. (Photo: THE HUFFPOST)

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, and Begoña Gómez, wife of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, staged a scene this Wednesday at the Prado Museum that has drawn the attention of several communication experts.

At the moment, just before the first Euro-Atlantic Dinner in history, it is seen how the US president grabs Gómez by the waist, who corresponds by touching his back.

Jose Luis Martin Ovejero, an expert in the analysis of non-verbal communication, has seen the scene and has written on Twitter: “Heyyyyy… those confidences? ????????”.

In the same vein, Diana Rubio, a doctor in Communication and protocol adviser, has asked herself: “Is it me or are these trusts too much?” In another message, this expert has added: “Yesterday with the queen and today with Begoña…and the confidences, don’t they go overboard?”.

Along the same lines, Patrycia Centeno, adviser on political and corporate aesthetics, has been very direct when writing: “Yesterday it was Letizia’s turn, today Biden rubs Begoña Gómez.”

The meeting was a personal initiative by Sánchez, who wanted to gather for the first time around a table the 30 allies, most of whom are also members of the EU, and the six countries of the bloc that are not currently part of the Alliance -Austria, Ireland, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden and Finland, although these last two will be soon.

With this, the president wants to make visible the unity and cooperation between the Alliance and the EU in the face of Russia’s challenge and the consequences of its invasion of Ukraine.

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As host together with Begoña Gómez, Sánchez has been in charge of receiving one by one all the Heads of State and Government together with their companions. All of them have been concentrating in the room, chatting among themselves and contemplating, some with visible interest, such as the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the paintings exhibited on its walls.

Then, all those present have witnessed a short concert by the kyiv Symphony Orchestra, which has performed two pieces by Ukrainian composers, the ‘Symphony no. 1’ in C major by Maksym Berezovsky (1745-1777) and ‘Melodie’ in C minor’ by Myroslav Skoryk (1938-2020).

After that, they have moved to the room in which Velázquez’s masterpiece is exhibited. Here, Sánchez explained to some of them the details of the work that portrays part of the family of King Felipe VI, with the Infanta Margarita as the main character, and in which the painter himself is also seen.

Several of those present, such as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, have been visibly impressed by the painting and even some, such as the Prime Minister of Greece, Kiriakos Mitsotakis, have taken photos.

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