SEAL BEACH, California –

John Chhan has welcomed his customers every day for 30 years at 4:30 am at Donut City in Seal Beach, California. He and his wife Stella have become an integral part of the community.

For him, it's just nice to work with his best friend and partner.

"It's fun, we work together, we stay together," Chhan said.

The donuts are good, try the apple pie – but you better get there early. The freshly baked treats fly off the shelf like never before and often force Chhan to close early. Customers said that was the goal.

"Many people, they come to buy many donuts from us and have given me more time to visit my wife," Chhan said.

Chhan's wife had a brain aneurysm last month. She was taken to the hospital and continues to recover in a care facility. It is extremely difficult for her family.

"I hurt my heart," Chhan said.

The customers quickly heard the news and wanted to help. So they grab dozens of donuts.

"The sooner we can bring him home and get support for her, the better for both, and the community," said customer Charlie Dickinson.

On Thursday, the trays were cleared at 10:30 clock. This nice gesture from the community made Chhan grateful for words.

"Oh, I feel warm, very grateful," he said.

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