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Commuters from Brighton Main Line are facing nine days of intermittent traffic

Project to improve the main line of Brightonimage rights
Project to improve the main line of Brighton

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Since October, there have been a number of weekend closures, with more planned

Thousands of commuters on one of the busiest rail lines in the Southeast are facing major disruptions next week as part of a GBP 300 million improvement project.

There are no direct trains between London and Brighton and between Lewes or Eastbourne and the city from Sunday.

Network Rail said the surrounding services would be affected as engineers renew and upgrade the Brighton Main Line.

It is said that holders of season tickets are not compensated because alternative travel is offered.

  • FAQ – The Brighton Main Line Improvement Project

The nine-day closure by February 24 coincides with the school half-time, when Network Rail hopes that passenger numbers will be lower and that some people will be able to make their travel plans more flexible or take annual leave.

The £ 67m upgrade is the biggest renewal of the route – used by more than 300,000 passengers a day and considered one of the least reliable parts of the network – for over 30 years.

Network Rail said that without the work program, the reliability of the line would deteriorate over the coming months and years, leading to more delays for passengers between London and the South Coast.

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Network Rail

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The services will be suspended between 16 and 24 February

Summer Dean of the Association of British Commuters said it was unacceptable that season ticket holders would be left out of their pockets.

"They paid a lot of money … and they will not get this service," she said.

"They will have to pay for things like alternative accommodation to do their daily business in the city."

Network Rail said compensation was not available on the days that were affected by the closure of the lines, as passengers were provided with "alternatives to carry out their journeys, including the replacement of coaches by buses or diverted trains" ,


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