Companies in Eure-et-Loir faced with the return of teleworking

Few differences exist, for companies, between the confinements imposed on the French in 2020 and 2021, accompanied by the implementation of remote work or telework for employees, and the obligation since January 3, 2022 to set up telework for at least three weeks.

In all cases, the employees settled at home with their computers and work tools to see or see the professional world again through the eye of videoconferencing and communication by email or telephone.

Telework: these inhabitants of Eure-et-Loir tell their strange year

The virulence of the Omicron virus, despite its low mortality, is nerve-wracking in several sectors of activity, including that of the catering industry, and is putting in place a distance management that is still little experienced by corporate hierarchies.

The return of teleworking affects both the public and private sectors with slightly different obligations. We took the example of Pôle emploi Eure-et-Loir and that of the accounting firm Cerfrance Alliance Centre.

Adapt without hurting employees or customers

1) Eure-et-Loir employment center and reception of the public. Fabrice Gaussens, new departmental director of Pôle emploi manages seven agencies in Chartres, Champhol, Luce, Dreux, Vernouillet, Châteaudun and Nogent-le-Rotrou employing nearly 250 people.

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“All Pôle emploi advisers remain mobilized to support job seekers and companies during this period of strong epidemic recovery. In accordance with government recommendations, and to protect its agents and users, Pôle emploi has set up an average of 3 days of teleworking in agencies for teleworking activities and 4 days for support functions. Our agencies remain open. The reception of the public continues to be carried out in free access in the morning and by appointment in the afternoon. For those who can, we invite them to favor our remote services. Remote interviews are preferred except for job seekers who expressly request a physical meeting. Collective agency activities are devoted to actions intended to respond to recruitment pressures and support for long-term job seekers. These activities, like those related to reception, are carried out in strict compliance with barrier gestures. All advisors can be reached by email, phone or video. Indeed, the agents were able to experience their adaptability to respond to all requests during the first confinements. »

2) Cerfrance Alliance Center and customer service. The Cerfrance Alliance Center agency has six agencies in Eure-et-Loir in Chartres, Vernouillet, La Loupe, Arcisse, Janville-en-Beauce and Chapelle-du-Noyer. Its manager, Vincent Bouteleux, manages 140 employees, including 60 at the head office in Chartres: “First, our sites remain open for all our customers. Following the 2020 confinement, we signed a company agreement in October 2020 on the subject of teleworking giving our employees the right to a maximum of two days of teleworking per week. Teleworking is part of our way of managing human resources. Today, at the request of the government, we have installed the 3-4 day bond. Our employees already have two laptops, one at work and one at home. The profession of accounting and consulting requires the presence of the computer tool with the employee to answer with precision the questions posed by the client or the administrations. At headquarters, we have a scanner that allows assistants to return documents to our employees immediately and securely. The videos are daily. We have a majority of female employees and they appreciate working from home. »
Ahmed Taghza