Companies: Music streaming company Deezer joins forces with TV Azteca in Mexico

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Deezer music and podcast application and website teamed up with TV Azteca and other Grupo Salinas companies with the aim of increasing their role as a supplier of “streaming” in Mexico, the French company reported.

With the agreement, of 40 million euros (about US $ 45 million), the company expects this market to grow “more than double” as it currently has a growing user base in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. .

Deezer’s strategy is to make himself known through different channels such as through TV Azteca, which will be in charge, as they explained, of showing the musical experience they offer “with a click and without effort”.

On the other hand, they will work with Grupo Elektra through which they will take advantage to offer digital music as a complement to purchases.

“Mexico is one of the fastest growing music markets in the world. We are excited to incorporate Grupo Salinas as a strategic partner and welcome it,” said Hans-Holger Albrecht, CEO of Deezer, according to the statement.

“We see enormous growth potential in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Argentina, and we are investing in marketing and subscriber growth. Our experience and the number two position in Brazil will help us become the region’s main competitor,” added.

Also, the company will take the reins of “Mugo Live”, which will become “Deezer Live”, a program that is broadcast simultaneously on open television and mobile devices that already has an audience of about two million viewers.

With this, Deezer will become the first company in its field to have its own music program.

“Our goal was to make music social on mobile devices. We are proud to be the link that connects our strategic partners, TV Azteca and other Grupo Salinas companies, with Deezer, making this dream come true,” said Ori Segal, co-founder. and CEO of Mugo.

Deezer has 16 million active users in more than 180 countries worldwide, and offers instant access to a wide and diverse catalog of music in streaming with nearly 56 million songs.

Grupo Salinas, created by Ricardo Salinas Priego, is a group of Mexican companies with activities in the media (TV Azteca), telecommunications (Totalplay and Enlace), financial services and retail (Grupo Elektra).



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