Companies must report price-relevant notifications via the platform | Markets stocks

(AWP) Companies listed on the Swiss stock exchange will soon have to submit price-relevant notifications via the “Connexor Reporting” platform. A transition phase ends at the end of the year.

In the transition phase, which has been running since October 1, issuers of primary-listed equity securities can also submit ad hoc announcements in the usual way – i.e. by email. From January 1, 2022, all notifications must then be submitted via the reporting platform, as SIX Exchange Regulation (SER) announced on Tuesday.

The innovation was “ordered for security and confidentiality reasons”, a spokesman for the exchange operator SIX said at the end of September shortly before the introduction at the request of the AWP news agency. However, if the program should fail for technical reasons, the messages must be sent again to the SER via e-mail, as it was said on Tuesday.

The issuers of derivatives, bonds, conversion rights, collective investment schemes and secondary listed equity securities can continue to send their notifications by email to the regulatory body of the Swiss stock exchange.