Companies want a “German” education system in Poland

Stability of financing for vocational education and the impact of business on the activities of vocational schools through the presence in the councils of these institutions – these are the main postulates of business circles regarding dual education, submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science.

They were presented by the Ombudsman for Small and Medium Enterprises, Adam Abramowicz, on behalf of many employers’ organizations.

– Dual vocational training means the possibility of practical vocational training in companies and theoretical education in the education system – said Abramowicz. – Staff prepared for the profession is the basis of success achieved on the market – underlined the SME Ombudsman.

Deputy Minister of Education Dariusz Piontkowski said that the ministry has been implementing sector education reform for several years. – We focus on practical education in cooperation with entrepreneurs, they largely shape the core curriculum, the education program, and have an impact on the documents that are approved by the ministry – he said.