“Companies want to get involved in vaccination”, assures Elisabeth Borne


Vaccination against the coronavirus in the workplace is coming soon. From Friday, the first injections will be able to begin in the workplace of employees. But it will start slowly, first with people aged 50 to 64 with co-morbidities. “Companies wanted to get involved in particular to make employees aware of the importance of vaccination, which is what is made possible from the end of the week,” explained Tuesday on Europe 1 Elisabeth Borne, Minister of Work and Employment.

But a bit like the vaccination campaign in France, corporate injections will start at a very slow pace. First, because it will only concern a handful of employees, who must be between 50 and 64 years old. “This is a first step in which vulnerable, very vulnerable employees, that is to say those who have chronic pathologies, for example cardiovascular problems, respiratory problems, obesity problems, will effectively be able to be vaccinated by occupational medicine, “said Elisabeth Borne.

“An important issue of confidentiality”

But for the minister, this is part of a more general effort. “I ask business leaders, somewhere, to relay this call for vaccination and I am sure they are how much they are ready to do. Trade unions too. It is another way to be able to do so. vaccinate, ”she said. “But I’m telling you, it’s a first step, and when we give access to the vaccine to all adults, then companies can really gain momentum.”

Finally, final clarification provided by Elisabeth Borne: the companies themselves will not be responsible for organizing the injections. “It is the occupational health services that will be mobilized, because there is an important issue of confidentiality,” she said. “Since this is aimed at vulnerable employees, the employer must not be effectively aware of the health problems that the employee may have. What we are asking companies to do is to warn employees that those who are very vulnerable can be vaccinated by occupational medicine. “


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