companion warned him live by compliment

Juan Diego Alvira has shown during the morning broadcasts of Noticias Caracol that he can be the protagonist of curious situations, such as when a foreigner surprised him with a taunt against Colombia.

The truth is that the presenter is responsible for giving a particular ingredient to the news with his spontaneity, which has even led him to reveal secrets of his colleagues in full transmission.

However, due to a gesture in the midst of her naturalness, a colleague reacted live to issue a warning to her for a compliment she gave her during the Canal Caracol program.

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Juan Diego Alvira in Caracol News: companion warned him live by compliment

At the end of the newscast, the Tolimense invited viewers to stay tuned and took the opportunity to praise the smile of his colleague Alejandra Giraldo, who did not ignore the situation.

“I’m going to give him away,” the journalist from Antioquia warned him in a humorous tone at the end of Noticias Caracol, which in turn caused laughter from Juan Diego Alvira at the accusation.

The presenter is married and has a daughter with Ana María Escobar, who in the past responded in public about what he thinks about this type of flirtation of the communicator with his colleagues.

This was the recording of the moment at the auction of the news, when the journalist warned her partner, at a time that was shared on Twitter by a user.