Company | Marseille: a first visual of the future hip-hop and street Art pole of Les Crottes

Three weeks after our report on the renewal of the Moncada manufacture (top left of the image) and the Tulipe soap factory (right) in Les Crottes (15th), Euroméditerranée has decided to distribute some visuals of the future place.

Revisited by the Parisian agency Monchecourt & Co, heritage architect, these industrial wastelands must respectively become housing – around forty, entrusted to a social landlord – and a cultural center of 3,604 m² including a street art museum, a workshop for artisans, a hip-hop school, a performance hall as well as an outdoor space which will be operated by Maquis-art.

It will be open to the neighborhood and to Place Moncada, which will be created opposite, on the currently abandoned building, in front of a new building, “architectural mirror of the Savonnerie“. “This place promoted by Captown (consulting company in real estate strategy which carries the project, Editor’s note) allow the cohabitation of a youth hostel / lifestyle hotel, specifies Euroméditerranée. The project will be part of an economic and social inclusion process, taking into account the current Euroméditerranée MOVE transitory urban planning projects and will be subject to an ambitious environmental objective with renovation solutions that will have to be adapted to the context. Mediterranean.“As we wrote on February 4, the Captown group (Maquis-art, Monchecourt & Co, Histoire & Patrimoine and Étamine) was named the winner as part of a consultation launched by the public planning establishment in 2019.

Delivery is expected from 2024.


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