Company | Marseille: Sylvain Menu, this unsung hero who lost his life 40 years ago

It was 40 years ago to the day. On June 28, 1981, six young people decided to go for a walk for a Sunday getaway. Destination: the Escu calanque, near Sormiou. The group of excursionists, which includes Sylvain Menu, all former scouts, is supervised by an instructor, Maurice.But that day, the weather turns bad and the sea rages on. Not enough to scare the beautiful gang. “We used to play like kids on a rock in front of this rough sea,” recalls Jean-Marc Menu, younger brother of Sylvain, 16, who was part of the excursion. But a tidal wave, more devastating than the others, will suddenly sweep them all away. All except Sylvain, who was about twenty meters from the shore. “The monitor did not fall to the water
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