COMPANY / Pivotal, leader in services to the healthcare industry throughout Europe, digitizes talent management with Prodware

In order to advance in the digital transformation of its Human Resources department, Pivotal, CRO (Clinical Research Organization), the leader in services for the healthcare industry in Europe, is implementing, with the advice of Prodware, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution. .

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Ibrahim Farr, this company is a strong provider of clinical trials and the trusted consultant and advisor to many companies to deliver the maximum value in their drug development programs, supporting cutting-edge clinical development programs with IMP, medical devices, diagnostic products and nutrition.

Given the large volume of specific information, data and sensitive material coming from its highly specialized employees, Pivotal had the need to professionalize and centralize the management of the processes of its HR department. In this sense, it has been decided to address the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources solution to provide the organization with the necessary tools to streamline tasks and unify the relevant information for human capital management.

According to Lidia Farr, vice president of Corporate Development and Finance at Pivotal, “most of our operations are based on HR management and having control of the skills of our employees, critical due to their high level of qualification, allows us to be updated to adapt to the demands of such a changing and specialized sector “.

“Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a solution that fits perfectly with the need to digitize talent at Pivotal,” explains David Ajuriaeusokoa, Industry Director at Prodware. The application allows to capture the organizational structure of the company through the use of elements such as departments, jobs and positions. This makes it possible to create hierarchical structures and reduce organizational complexity with management that accurately reflects organizational structures, hierarchies, and job descriptions. In addition, it facilitates the management of various entities from the same tool and access to information by defining security roles.

With the implementation of this solution, Pivotal seeks to have a strategic HR management, using a single platform and obtaining a global and integrated vision of the company, optimizing decision-making and thus enhancing future opportunities. All this will allow a sustainable and constant evolution of the company, improving the productivity and efficiency of the processes related to employee management to successfully face present and future challenges.



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